Zhennya Rostov Lukichna Grigoriytova



Nationality: Ussuran
Church: Ussuran Orthodox


Starting Wealth: 0
Starting Hero Points: 1




Touched by Matushka: Earn a Hero Point when you teach someone a lesson in a way that would make Matushka proud.
Farm Kid: Earn a Hero Point when you solve a complex problem in a simple, tried and true method from back on the farm.


Virtue – Comforting: Activate your Virtue to cancel the effects of Fear on you and your friends.
Hubris – Arrogant: You receive a Hero Point when your Hero shows disdain, contempt, or otherwise looks down on a Villain or someone who could cause harm to friends.


Brawn: 3
Finesse: 2
Resolve: 3
Wits: 3
Panache: 2


Aim: 2
Athletics: 3
Brawl: 1
Convince: 1
Empathy: 1
Hide: 1
Intimidate: 3
Notice: 2
Perform: 2
Ride: 1
Sailing: 0
Scholarship: 1
Tempt: 1
Theft: 2
Warfare: 0
Weaponry: 0

Languages: Thean, Ussuran, Eisen


Cast Iron Stomach: Spoiled or raw food never negatively affects you, and you still gain required sustenance from it.
Indomitable Will: After another character attempts to intimidate, seduce, or otherwise goad you, spend a Hero Point to automatically resist.
Legendary Trait (Resolve): Whenever you roll a Risk using that
Trait, you remove one die from your pool before you roll. That die is always considered to roll a 10. If your 10s explode, your free Legendary Trait 10 explodes as well.
Strength of 10: When you perform a feat of raw strength, spend a Hero Point to increase all of your individual dice for that Risk by your Brawn or your Resolve, whichever is greater
Survivalist: If you are in the wilderness, you can forage or hunt and find enough food for yourself and up to five other people

Sorcery: Dar Matushki


Regeneration: Any missing or crippled limbs are completely restored. You heal one Dramatic Wound.
See: You perceive the world through all the senses of the nearest animal matching your choice.
Storm: You can intensify or lessen whatever weather you’re
currently experiencing.
Transform: You may take the form of an animal for the Scene.


Honesty: You must never tell a lie, mistruth, or obscure the truth.
Kindness: You must always offer aid to those in need.


Zhennya Rostov Lukichna Grigoriytova

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