Doctor Blackwell



Nationality: Avalon
Church: Vaticine Church


Starting Wealth: 0
Starting Hero Points: 1




Doctor: Earn a Hero Point when you tend to the injuries of a Villain or the innocents harmed by a Villain.
Priest: Earn a Hero Point when you set aside the rhetoric and take action to practice the virtues you preach.


Virtue – Temperate: Activate your Virtue to prevent any magical effect (Sorcery, Artifacts, Monsters, etc.) from affecting you.
Hubris – Loyal: You receive a Hero Point when your Hero goes back for a fallen comrade or refuses to leave a wounded ally.


Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 3
Wits: 3
Panache: 2


Aim: 1
Athletics: 2
Brawl: 0
Convince: 2
Empathy: 2
Hide: 1
Intimidate: 0
Notice: 2
Perform: 1
Ride: 2
Sailing: 0
Scholarship: 3
Tempt: 1
Theft: 0
Warfare: 0
Weaponry: 3

Languages: All Thean languages, including the dead ones


Inspire Generosity: Spend a Hero Point to convince another character to grant you an object you want at no cost.
Linguist: Speak, read, write all Thean languages.
Miracle Worker: Spend a Hero Point & 1 Raise to heal (touch) another hero and recover 1 Dramatic Wound.
Ordained: Access to libraries, refuge, and meals. Gain 2 dice for any social Risks against characters who are adherents to your faith.
Time Sense: You always know what time it is and how long
until the next sunrise or sunset within 1 minute.

Sorcery: Knight of Avalon


Ealdread, the Oldest Knight
Wits (Major), Finesse (Minor)


Mythic Luck (Major Trait / Rank 2): Re-roll 2 Dice on any Wits Risk and choose which Dice to keep.
Heroic Luck (Minor Trait / Rank2): Re-roll 2 Dice on any Finesse Risk and keep new results.
Greater Luck (Minor / Rank 2): Add 2 to value of any Die rolled. If value reaches 10 or more, it Explodes.


Doctor Blackwell

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