Fabien Giovinco di Pióro

A scholarly man and a reluctant duelist



Nationality: Vodacce
Church: Vaticine Church


Starting Wealth: 3
Starting Hero Points: 2


Eisen (local): Brave 1d
Barcino (local): Decisive 1d
Donega (local scholars): Confident 1d


Duelist: Earn a Hero Point when you resort to the edge of your blade to defend a noble ideal.
Scholar: Earn a Hero Point when you put yourself in harm’s way in pursuit of knowledge.


Virtue – Intuitive: Activate to ask the GM one yes/no question about the NPC.
Hubris – Curious: Receive a Hero Point when you investigate something unusual, especially if it looks dangerous.


Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 3
Wits: 3
Panache: 2


Aim: 0
Athletics: 1
Brawl: 1
Convince: 2
Empathy: 3
Hide: 1
Intimidate: 1
Notice: 3
Perform: 2
Ride: 0
Sailing: 0
Scholarship: 3
Tempt: 1
Theft: 2
Warfare: 0
Weaponry: 3

Languages: All Thean languages, including the dead ones


Dueling Style: Ambrogia
Fencer: You gain 1 Bonus Die when you make a Weaponry Risk using a rapier, dagger, cutlass, or similar weapon.
Linguist: You speak, read, and write all Thean languages, even the dead ones.
Rich: Begin each session with 3 Wealth.
University: When you make a Risk using Scholarship, Empathy, or Notice, all of your dice gain +1 to their value.
Valiant Spirit: You begin each game with 2 Hero Points instead of 1.
Streetwise: You can spend a Hero Point to locate a fixer, an information broker, a black market, or a similar underworld figure.
Poison Immunity: Poison never affects you, aside from some potential mild discomfort. If the poison would ordinarily kill you, it might cause you only to vomit instead, but there are no additional effects.
Friend at Court: When you are at a ball, feast, or other high society function, spend a Hero Point to reveal you have a close friend also in attendance.
Personal Motto: Whenever you roll a Risk after saying your motto (Oh, I’ve read a book about that!"), and when it is appropriate, you gain 1 bonus die.
An Honest Misunderstanding: Spend a Hero Point to edit, redact, or otherwise alter something you or another Hero just said, “reinterpreting” the words into the kindest compliment.

Dueling Academy: Ambrogia

Veronica’s Guile
When wielding a dagger in your right hand and a fencing sword in your left you may use either Finesse or Wits for a Weaponry Risk Pool. If you spend a Hero Point, you may use both.


Fabien Giovinco di Pioro is the second son of the minor noble house Giovinco. He spent his adolescence in Pioro, Vodacce learning what he could from his merchant father and a multitude of tutors. Fabien was also a fan of carousing and spent many nights drinking and gambling, much to his family’s chagrin.

During this time Fabien met and began a relationship with Claudia Foscari. Although the relationship was not to last, they remained very close and continue to confide in each other, even these years later.

When he was 18, his father, hoping to rein in Fabien’s wildness, decided to send him to university in Charouse for advanced study. This increased responsibility would, it was hoped, drive out the tendency for revelry and indulgence.

Unfortunately, the bright city only presented the young man with more opportunity. Although a dedicated academic, he was also drawn to the Dueling Academy of Ambrogia (and its Vodacce professors). He enrolled without his family’s consent and began a dual life as a student of history, alchemy, mathematics and that of the sword. He excelled at both.

Upon graduation, he returned home and was immediately met with consternation when it was discovered that he had dedicated time to the sword. His father was outraged (“A merchant has no need to wield his own sword!”) He told Fabien, in no uncertain terms, that a swordsman was no use to House Giovinco except as guard. He would not see his son as a common guard, so therefore he must send Fabien away.

Fabien had only what coin was upon him and knew that, until he could prove his worth to the family, Pioro was no place for him. He decided to return to Charouse and make a name for himself, in some manner. Once his father saw Fabien’s success, he could not continue to deny the dueling scholar.

Mere weeks after returning to Charouse, Fabien heard from a contact of missing Giovinco goods and knew this was his chance to prove to his father his value.

Now he finds himself in Eisen, having tracked the missing goods to the home of Heinrich Milner. Perhaps Herr Milner can point him toward the thief responsible…

Fabien Giovinco di Pióro

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