Silvia Voker Kraus



Nationality: Eisen
Church: Objectionist


Starting Wealth: 0
Starting Hero Points: 1




Hexe: Earn a hero point when you go out of your way to make sure the dead stay dead.
Ungetumjager: Earn a Hero Point when you choose to hunt down an inhuman creature so it will never hurt anyone ever again.


Virtue – Courageous: Activate your Virtue to add Bonus Dice to your Risk equal to the Fear rating of your target.
Hubris – Proud: You receive a Hero Point when your Hero refuses an offer of aid.


Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 2
Wits: 3
Panache: 3


Aim: 3
Athletics: 2
Brawl: 1
Convince: 0
Empathy: 2
Hide: 2
Intimidate: 1
Notice: 2
Perform: 0
Ride: 2
Sailing: 0
Scholarship: 0
Tempt: 2
Theft: 2
Warfare: 0
Weaponry: 3

Languages: Thean, Eisen


Able Drinker: Alcohol never adversely affects you.
Cast Iron Stomach: Spoiled or raw food never negatively affects you, and you still gain required sustenance from it.
Deadeye: You gain 1 Bonus Die when you make an Aim Risk using a pistol, blunderbuss, or a thrown weapon such as a knife or axe.
Indomitable Will: After another character attempts to intimidate, seduce, or otherwise goad you, spend a Hero Point to automatically resist.
I Won’t Die Here: Spend a Hero Point to ignore all negative effects from Dramatic Wounds for the round
Survivalist: If you are in the wilderness, you can forage or hunt and find enough food for yourself and up to five other people.

Sorcery: Hexenwerk

Major Hexe

Ghost Eyes (Major): Ghost Eyes allows you to see invisible monsters [Scene]
Wraith Walk (Major): Become a spirit [Scene]

Minor Hexe

Revenant Venom (Minor): Double damage to undead
Reaper’s Poison (Minor): Deal 1 Wound / Action to undead
Winter’s Scowl (Minor): Stun Undead and takes no Actions
Mother’s Mercy (Minor): Remove effects caused by Undead


Silvia Voker Kraus

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